Oil Boiler Service

We would recommend an oil boiler service once a year. It’s best to schedule your boiler service in the autumn before it gets colder and keep you and your family warm all year round. To provide hot water and heat every day, you depend on a boiler running smoothly. Your boiler service will do more than just making sure of your every day essentials.

We will check your boiler is working correctly and within safety standards. This will prevent potential problems with your oil boiler and avoid unwanted breakdowns.

A serviced boiler can also maximise the central heating efficiency and ensures it is only using the fuel it needs. This will save you costs and will keep your energy bills to a minimum. A boiler that is not serviced regularly will become less efficient every year and will burn more oil than necessary.

With an annual oil boiler service you will achieve a more efficient running oil boiler that is always checked for its functionality. This will cost you less than a costly boiler replacement.

  • Maximises energy efficiency

  • Safety

  • Extends your boiler life

  • Increased reliability of boiler

  • Saves fuel costs

  • Reduced chance of carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Minimised risk of breakdown

  • Validates your guarantee

We are registered and certified for both gas work and oil work with RGI Ireland and Oftec. Get to know us.

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