Power Flush

When your radiator don’t heat up evenly anymore, sludge and debris will most likely have built up over time. Radiator power flushing removes all deposits and optimises the hot water flow in your heating system. Our plumbers will use a thermal imaging camera to detect possible deposits in your radiators.

We use the best equipment to flush your heating system, a filter catches the sludge and debris and the addition of chemicals will make sure to loosen up all deposits in pipes, radiator or cylinder. For best results we offer to install a MagnaClean filter after the power flush, so all future debris is caught straight away.

Before power flush: Sludge and debris build up over time in the heating system and disrupt the flow of hot water. Radiators will not heat up evenly.

After power flush: Radiators will heat up evenly after the power flush removed all debris and sludge.

If you book a power flush for your heating system, we can install a MagnaClean filter. This filter will catch all new debris and sludge in your system and will extend your boiler life span. It is engineered to actively trap virtually all circulating debris in your water. For the best protection for any boiler.

We are registered and certified for both gas work and oil work with RGI Ireland and Oftec. Get to know us.

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