Is a Gas Boiler sustainable?

Thinking of getting a new gas boiler installed or switching to gas? Is your old boiler whether gas or oil broken and needs replacement? There are many reasons why you need a new boiler. Rising fuel costs make this decision even harder.

We all know an old boiler is a lot less efficient than a new one but does it make sense to change from oil to gas or stick with a gas boiler instead of changing to a heat pump.

Although we love heat pumps, it’s not always the better option to install one. Not every household has the money for an often expensive heat pump and if you want it to run as efficient as it should, you often need special radiators if you don’t have underfloor heating in an existing house.

Oil was considered the cheaper fuel over gas for many years, but with current developments politically this has changed. One litre of gas is now cheaper than one litre of oil, in fact oil is 30–50% more expensive at the moment. Also the calorific value of gas is higher than of oil meaning you get more heat per litre fuel.

BioLPG as source for renewable energy

If sustainability and the environment is important to you and you still want to be using a gas boiler or plainly cannot afford a new heat pump, bio gas aka BioLPG is the best option for you. This gas is chemically identical to the LPG we use for a gas boiler but is produced from renewable feedstocks such as plant and vegetable waste material. Using BioLPG instead if conventional LPG gas reduces CO2 emissions up to 80% and helps us to reduce our carbon footprint substantially.

And what about carbon tax you might ask. Every year in Ireland we are taxed on our gas and oil bills, but because BioLPG is 100% renewable you won’t be paying the hefty carbon tax that is only getting more every year.


The availability is definitely another selling point. BioLPG is produced in Europe and is now being delivered in many countries within Europe. A shortage like in other gas and oil supplies is very unlikely because it is produced here and from renewable sources

Benefits of BioLPG

  • Renewable

    BioLPG is made from completely renewable crop grown and waste feed stocks.

  • Availability

    BioLPG is now being delivered in many countries within Europe.

  • Cleaner

    BioLPG reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80%.

  • Cost effective

    17% lower costs of running a bioLPG boiler when compared with a biomass boiler in old buildings.

Calor has provided a very informative website about BioLPG and a really good video, that explains the production of BioLPG. Read here if you are interested.

If you are interested and want to know more, contact us and our plumbers will happily assist you in making the right choice for your needs.