When should a boiler be serviced?

To ensure your family is warm and cosy in the colder months, you should get your boiler serviced once a year. An annual boiler service will make sure you will always have hot water and heat in your home. It’s best to schedule your boiler service before the autumn to avoid breakdowns in the colder months when you really depend on a boiler running smoothly.

A boiler that isn’t serviced will get less efficient every year. So servicing your boiler once a year can not only prevent you from costly breakdowns or even more expensive boiler replacements. It will also make sure your boiler is only burning the fuel it needs to heat your water. And this will save you fuel costs in the long run. Maximising the efficiency of your boiler will keep your energy bills to a minimum.

If you are not sure, when your boiler at home was last serviced, contact us for help. You should get your boiler serviced every 12 months or once a year. A Plumber will service your boiler, which will save future fuel costs. He will make sure your boiler is only using the gas or oil it really needs to heat your house and your water. Also a boiler service is much less expensive than to repair a breakdown or to replace your boiler.

Is your boiler safe?

And don’t forget the importance of safety. Servicing your boiler ensures you it is running safe, it is not leaking fuels or fumes and will reduce the risk of dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning. Always book a plumber that is registered for gas work and oil work.

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Is your boiler already serviced? Then get ahead and schedule your next appointment for service prior to the autumn.